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Advantages of Combined Steel Decking Sheet
Sep 15, 2018

Advantages of the Combined Steel Decking Sheet:

     1. No template is needed, eliminating the need for template removal and installation.

     2. The profiled steel plate is equivalent to the tensile main reinforcement, and only the temperature reinforcement is required.

     3. The profiled steel sheet itself provides a flat roof surface for the concrete floor.

     4. After installation, the profiled steel plate can be used as a safety workbench for workers, tools, materials and equipment.

     5. The corrugated spacing of the profiled steel plate has pre-processed grooves for power, communication and other engineering purposes.

     6. The constant load of the entire structure is reduced, saving the basic cost of the lower part.

     7. In the construction stage, the profiled steel plate can enhance the lateral stability of the supporting steel beam.

     8. Give full play to the mechanical properties of steel and concrete materials.

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