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Application of sandwich panel
Dec 19, 2017

    Sandwich panels are used for large industrial plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, movable rooms, building adding floors, clean shops, and places where thermal insulation and fire protection are needed. Sandwich board, beautiful shape, bright color, good overall effect, it sets the bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproof in one, and no two decoration, is a widely used, especially in the temporary facilities for construction sites such as office, warehouse, fence, embody the modern civilization construction of the construction site. Especially in the rapid installation and put into use, in terms of materials can be assembled and disassembled, the turnover of reuse index, have obvious advantages, greatly reduce the construction cost of temporary facilities, will be the new lightweight building material indispensable.

The characteristics of the sandwich panel:

Sandwich board

Product performance: color plate thickness 0.2mm~1.0mm

Core thickness: 50mm ~300mm

Effective height: 950mm, 1000mm, 1150mm, 1200mm,

Scope of application: workshop, office wall, steel structure, exterior wall, temporary dormitory, supermarket, cold storage, movable board house, building adding storey, purification workshop.

Maintenance, decoration materials, office buildings, etc.

Fire protection grade: B3 (flame retardant: melting)

Hygroscopic rate: 3.9 (%)

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