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Basic material of color coated steel coils
Aug 15, 2017

The base material of the color coated sheet coil can choose cold-rolled sheet coil or hot-dip plating layer steel, although the organic coating part of the color coated plate coil has good anticorrosion effect, however, there are still some small gaps in organic coatings, air and water may enter into the substrate and may rust, so the substrate without coating of color coated plate, short service life, and scratches easily after the spread of the coating peeling. The base material of color coated sheet coil is mainly galvanized steel plate or galvanized steel plate. Color coating production procedures are divided into substrate pretreatment, chemical conversion Film (non-organic metal coating), organic non-metallic coating, and some production lines and coating process.

A, substrate pretreatment as a substrate for galvanized steel plate if not after production directly into a color painting process, it may be in the transport process rust (white rust), dust, and other pollution. If these can not be removed, it will affect the quality of color coating. The quality of finished color coated rolls and all the physical and chemical properties are closely related to the pretreatment. In addition, after the production of galvanized, in order to rust and paint oil, the oil also if the color coating before the production. More pretreatment methods are used for the alkali solution degreasing method.

B, chemical conversion membrane action has two, one is to further improve the rust-proof capacity, the second is to improve the adhesion of base materials and coatings, improve the performance of substrate coating.

There are generally three steps: One is phosphating, first on the metal surface to form a large number of crystals, and then with the phosphate solution to form a layer of phosphate film on the metal surface; the second is passivation closed, phosphate film still have some holes, with chromate and hole point to produce chemical reaction, form protective film. Three for pure water washing, with salt or deionized water washed to passivation liquid.

Organic coating organic coating is divided into primer and paint, primer requirements are not high, you can color Shun Tu, but now enterprises in order to produce safety, primer topcoat paint is generally color inverse coating.

After coating process: After the coating process has printing, embossing, removable protective film, lamination, etc., to increase the decorative and protective properties of color coated board. In addition, some finishing processes also have flat and straightened in the cold-rolled, galvanized production line used in the process.

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