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Color steel sandwich panel thickness specifications
Jun 25, 2018

Color steel sandwich panel thickness specifications

1, Caigang sandwich panels, in fact, refers to color coated steel, color coated steel This is a kind of organic coated steel. Color steel plate it is also divided into single board, Caigang composite board, floor boards and so on. This material is also widely used for wall surfaces and roofs of large public buildings, public factories, movable board houses, and integrated houses.

2. The substrate of the color steel plate is a cold-rolled substrate, a hot-dip galvanized substrate and an electro-galvanized substrate. This kind of coating can be divided into polyester, silicon modified polyester, vinylidene fluoride and plastisol. The surface condition of the color steel plate can be divided into coated plate, embossed plate and printing plate. The color steel plate is widely used in construction household appliances and transportation and other industries. For the construction industry, it is mainly used in steel structure factories, airports, warehouses and refrigeration industries, etc. Commercial building roof walls and doors, etc., civil construction uses less color steel plate.

Color steel sandwich panel installation notes Color steel sandwich panel features

Color steel sandwich panel consists of two layers of color-coated steel sheet as the surface layer, hard flame-retardant self-extinguishing type polyurethane foam (or polystyrene foam, etc.) as the core material, through the use of high-strength bonding after roll pressing, foam molding A combination of adhesives and materials; the density, conductivity of the materials used...

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