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Color steel sandwich plate, foam and rock wool which kind of material make core material insulation effect is better
Aug 15, 2017

1, Polystyrene (EPS) board, color steel sandwich plate used in the past commonly used materials, thermal insulation coefficient than ordinary rock wool, glass cotton, higher than the cost of the rock wool is also much lower, and the quality of light, easy to construction, manufacturers, but this material is a high burning material.

2, polyurethane foam (PU), polyurethane foam is divided into soft and hard bubbles, the application is actually very wide fan, soft bubble individual only know sponge, there are people often said PU skin, environmental protection, such as skin has a soft bubble ingredients, hard foam, like some people said the soles of the polyurethane, the interior of the car, as well as the refrigerator freezer, part of the security door, there is a hard bubble filling part. Polyurethane color steel composite plate is the best insulation effect, the appearance of the plate is also good (refers to the smoothness and the construction of the degree of fitting), but the price is small expensive, in addition to the polystyrene plate fire some, but less than glass wool, rock wool.

3, Extruded Plate (XPS), the difference between the poly-benzene plate (the appearance of the difference, EPS white, XPS color), in the Color steel sandwich panel application is not much, mostly used in the building exterior wall insulation system.

4, rock wool, glass wool fire level is higher, polyurethane if isocyanate used in the PUR-group material can reach the B1 level, but rock wool, glass cotton color steel sandwich plate installation effect is not very good, insulation effect is not good, and the quality of cotton is also different, in short weight, composite effect is not ideal, unfavorable construction, and the price is relatively high, if there is no fire protection level requirements are not recommended.

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