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Durability of the titanium zinc roof panel
Dec 28, 2017

    Titanium zinc roofing material has such excellent durability because the aluminum plate will produce an aluminum oxide film on the surface when it contacts with the atmosphere. The oxide film protects the inner layer of aluminum sheet from corrosion step by step into the titanium zinc roof panel. The oxide film has good chemical resistance and titanium zinc roofing panel, so it is suitable for industrial buildings, air pollution, titanium zinc roof panels, or marine climates. The Department has done a test, and the thickness of the aluminum plate is 0.5 microns every year because of the corrosion of the decayed titanium and zinc roof. In this way, the 0.7mm thick aluminum plate can be 0.65mm thick after 100 years of atmospheric corrosion. Therefore, it is considered that the titanium - zinc roof panel is one of the most durable metal materials for roofing.

    In the United States, 35 million tons of aluminum materials are used for roofing every year. The main construction industry applies the titanium zinc roof panel to extruded and rolled sheet. Extruded profiles mainly use 6000 series of alloys, AA6062, AA6063 and other commonly used brands.

    Wu titanium zinc titanium zinc roofing panel surface / curtain wall system mainly used 3000 series aluminum manganese alloy (al Mn mg), extended processing of 3000 series titanium zinc roofing rate, hardness, tensile strength, yield strength and other indicators are very suitable for roof edge, rolling equipment. It is widely used in roofing maintenance engineering system building wall / roof panel in titanium and zinc, and with a variety of coating system and coating technique makes buildings become rich and colorful, but also increased the corrosion resistance of titanium zinc roofing itself. The thickness of the aluminum material used for roofing is the lowest 0.7mm. When the thickness of aluminum is 1mm, its weight is 2.7kg/m2, the thickness is 0.7mm, the quality of aluminum material is 1 titanium zinc roof panel.89kg/m2 titanium zinc roof panel. The length of the rolling material is not limited. 

    Its main characteristics are: density of 2.7, melting point 658, temperature 20 ~ 100 degrees when the linear expansion coefficient is 0.0000023, the breaking load coefficient is 8 ~ 12kg/mm2 (varies according to different material hardness), elongation of 10 ~ 40%, 0.7 ~ 1.2mm thickness, when the corrugated aluminum plate thickness can be decreased in addition to 0.6mm. fixed edge bite, rivets, also can be in the form of welding.

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