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Electrostatic diversion of stainless steel metal floor
Jan 11, 2018

Active antistatic:

Antistatic device working principle: the human body electrostatic discharge alarm for the current human body static removal methods of the lack of reasonable human body electrostatic discharge resistance, prolong the human body electrostatic discharge time, reduce the human body electrostatic energy release, effectively avoid the occurrence of fire accidents and the human body on the phenomenon, at the same time, the human body electrostatic discharge alarm touch induction of human body and touch the ball contact reliability, no active mechanical components, sound and light alarm electrostatic is released.

The special anti-static device installed in our company, the personnel entering the workshop must take the initiative to exclude the static electricity according to the requirements of the anti-static device.

Passive anti static:

After the metal adhesive is fixed with the expansion bolt to fix the steel floor, the steel floor itself has no sliding friction. The static electricity mainly comes from the friction between the plate surface and the cart wheel. My company installed below the expansion bolt is connected with the cast-in-situ reinforced layer, the nut is connected with the steel floor, real-time diversion to the main housing and housing reinforcement, reinforced soil body footing installation bolts connected to ensure each board must have a contact bar, four per square meter, can effectively achieve the ESD test acceptance criteria.

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