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It is worth noting the construction points of waterproofing the steel structure plant.
Nov 04, 2018

The steel structure factory is easy to set up and easy to use, but it is easy to leak water, and once it appears, the area is not small. Often in the summer rainy season, many places on the roof are leaking. Because the steel structure workshops are relatively high, the roof metal roof panels look like smooth, and the general logisticians are afraid to climb up to see the leaking points. The big problem is that even if you find out the leak point, the ordinary staff in the factory can't do anything, because the metal roof leaks are not easy to make up, it is difficult to make up. Many people try to fix it themselves, but it doesn't take long. The roof panel has been rusty for a long time, and it is also very ugly, affecting the corporate image.

    Speaking of the factory to make up the leak, this is the professional scope of metal roofing waterproofing, this work should be handed over to professional companies. Of course, the various waterproof companies on the market are not good or bad, and you don't know which waterproof material is good. Today, we are here to tell you how to choose an excellent steel structure roof waterproof system. I hope that the owner or logistics supervisor will read this article and understand the essence of the waterproof work of the factory. If you really master the correct metal roof waterproofing measures, then there will be no more problems with hot metal roofs looking for leaks. Thanks to the efficient and advanced PANHOO factory floor waterproofing system, we can achieve high-quality and high-life waterproof covering of the entire steel structure roof. Such roof panels will no longer be pieced together. It is realized from the waterproof point of view. The overall concept, that is to say, the factory house no longer has the lap seam left when the color steel plate is laid. The PANHOO waterproof system makes all the leaking points of the roof surface covered by the PANHOO waterproof layer, and there is no leak point. The factory will no longer have water leakage problems.

    If you are preparing to buy a good waterproof coating for construction, what should you pay attention to?

   1. Roof pretreatment before waterproof construction of the plant

    After buying a steel waterproofing waterproof coating, don't rush to apply it. You may have rotten asphalt on the roof of your factory. You need to use a shovel to remove them. Especially in the screw part, if it is not removed, apply a waterproof coating. At the end, water leakage may occur again. Because the screws will hollow and then rot. After you have removed it, you should also hit the gasket of the screw to the veneer.

    2. Construction preparation

    Take care of the previous step and then you want to prepare for the painting. Stir the paint first, but no additional water or accessories. It is best to have a blender. If you don't have it, you can take a stick. Note: The supporting materials should be complete. For example, PANHOO “Steel Protector” woven polyester fabric is also required, and it is cut according to the size of the concave and convex part of the roof. Usually about ten centimeters. Cut according to the actual situation. At the same time, we must do a good job of labor protection

    3. Construction process

    When the preparation is done, it will be painted.

One coat: Apply a transparent waterproof coating on the bottom of the PANHOO steel protector on the cleaned base. Use brushing, do not use roller and scrape. Because the brush can fill the paint to each slit, it is more effective waterproof. Rolling and scraping are too restrictive.

A cloth: When the first time the paint has not dried up, quickly lay the cut textile polyester cloth on the convex part of the roof.

Second coating: Nextly, apply the second steel reinforced treasure bottom waterproof coating on the surface of the reinforced polyester fabric to fully wet the coating to enhance the polyester fabric, ensuring that the drum is not creased and wrinkle-free, so that the coating can fully pass the reinforced polyester. The voids of the cloth are combined with the primer to form a seamless whole, so that it is dry.

Three coats: Apply a UV-resistant, anti-oxidant PANHOO steel protector surface to the surface of the dry paint layer to dry the coating.

    4, factory building surface waterproof construction instructions

    4.1 Reference dosage: The theoretical application of the bottom elastic coating is 40m2/20L; the actual utilization rate of the steel woven woven polyester fabric is over 90%; the surface coating is theoretically coated with 55m2/20L. Actual consumables are based on construction conditions and substrate conditions.

    4.2 Construction tools: agitator, hard brush (not available for wool brush), scraper, roller, etc. Wash with water immediately after construction.

    4.3 Construction environment: Steel waterproofing waterproof products are suitable for construction under the conditions of 5 °C ~ 45 °C and humidity less than 85%. It is not suitable for construction when the environmental conditions are exceeded. It is not suitable for construction under severe weather conditions such as rain, snow and hail. Please pay attention to the weather forecast in advance.

    5, steel structure waterproof construction precautions

    The cutting standard of steel protector reinforced polyester fabric: the waterproof layer area of the screw is generally 0.01 square meter (10cm × 10cm); the horizontal overlapping waterproof layer width is 25cm; the vertical overlapping waterproof layer width is 15cm; the sides of the ridge The width of the lap waterproof layer is 25cm, etc., and the width of the waterproof layer is preferably determined according to the height of the surface basal wave peak combined with the construction requirements.

    6, labor safety precautions: If the paint accidentally into the eye, apply water to rinse several times.

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