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Main Features of roofing board
Aug 15, 2017

1. Light weight; the density of aluminum is 2.73g/m3, only 1/3 of steel.

2. High strength; High strength can be achieved through component configuration, processing and heat treatment methods.

3. Corrosion resistance, with self rust-proof ability, the formation of the oxide layer, can prevent metal oxidation rust, acid and alkaline good.

4. The surface treatment is diverse and beautiful. Can be anodized, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing, paint treatment.

5. Good plasticity and easy processing;

6. Good conductive performance. Non-magnetization and low spark sensitivity can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce the flammability of special environment.

7. Easy to install, aluminum metal can be riveted, welded, adhesive and other ways to connect.

8. Environmental protection, 100% recyclable recycling.

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