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Pay attention to choosing color plate
Aug 15, 2017

1, observe the surface of the metal: to observe whether there are chromatic aberration, scratches, sand holes, peeling water marks and other problems.

2. Distinguish surface coloring process.

3, Film quality: The quality of the protective film, put on a long time, will appear powder phenomenon, difficult to rip.

4. Distinguishing material: material is different, corrosion resistance is different, price is different.

The base material of color coated sheet coil is mainly galvanized steel plate or galvanized steel plate.

Welded steel plates with hot-dip or galvanized coatings on the surface are called galvanized steel plates.

The color steel coil is a kind of composite material also called the color coating steel plate is uses the steel strip on the production line continuously through the surface degreasing, the phosphating and so on chemical transfer processing, spreads the organic coating to bake the product. 

Color steel coil is a kind of composite material, both steel plate and organic materials. The mechanical strength and workability of the existing steel plate, as well as the organic material good decorative, corrosion resistance.

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