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Steel structure light roof panel to prevent deformation
Jul 28, 2018

Steel structure light roof panel to prevent deformation

If the steel structure roof panel is used improperly, it will be deformed. How to prevent it from being deformed?

1. When welding hard steel structure buildings (factory, etc.), the flat steel is straightened and technical welding is carried out. If the flat steel exhibits an arc-shaped tortuous condition, the flat steel is not straightened during the welding, but the flat steel is directly placed on the mold and welded, and the surface looks straight, in fact, at this time Hard steel structure buildings (factory, etc.) have already had strong internal stresses on the roof panels.

2. Remove the internal stress treatment of the steel structure building (plant, etc.) roofing before pickling and hot-dip galvanizing. If the internal stress is manifested, the shape becomes a horizontal bow. Hot-dip galvanizing has not been taken seriously, and this has happened. In modern industrial production, such questions usually do not occur.

3, hard steel structure construction (factory, etc.) roof panel base must be placed at least three, placed at the two ends and the center of the site, you must not only place the two ends, do not put the center, the hard steel structure under pressure (The factory building, etc.) The roof panels are more deformed, making them different levels.

4, put it in a smooth state during transportation, so that it is evenly stressed, it is not easy to beat hard in loading and unloading, it should be lightly lifted.

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