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The difference between galvanized steel sheet and aluminized steel plate
Aug 15, 2017

Hot Dip Galvanized steel plate (GI), a kind of steel, belonging to galvanized iron, also known as GI material. Hot-Dip Galvanized steel sheet manufacturing process is to clean the iron, through the wettability of flux, immersed in the zinc bath, so that steel and molten zinc reaction to generate a alloy of the skin membrane. Advantages: • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, strong weather resistance. Corrosion resistance is very good, the general environmental protection effect of up to 30-50 years. • Beautiful appearance and easy processing.

Aluminized steel plate is the aluminum-silicon alloy coating of the steel plate, in which the aluminum content of 90%, Silicon 10%.

Characteristics of aluminized STEEL PLATE:

Heat-resisting properties: The heat-resisting property of aluminized steel plate is superior to that of galvanized steel plate and cold-rolled steel plate, and it is used for long time under about 550 degrees, and hardly changes, still maintain its beautiful luster, but more than about 600 degrees of high temperature, due to the mutual diffusion of iron and aluminum alloy, the surface from gray gradually into a dark color, but the metal layer is very high, even more than the melting point of aluminum, it does not melt precipitation. and the high temperature oxidation layer formed on the surface of the coating inhibits the formation of iron and phosphorus, therefore, there is no rapid oxidation depletion during the period of intense diffusion, so that the surface aluminum metal cannot adequately inhibit the formation of iron and phosphorus. The weight increase caused by high temperature oxidation is compared with 18-8 stainless steel plate and cold-rolled steel plate, the result is that the heat-resisting property of aluminized steel plate (500-600 ℃) is almost the same as that of stainless steel plate, and is 20 times times more than that of cold-rolled steel plate.

Thermal Reflective Properties: The surface of aluminized steel sheet, not only processing beautiful, and has excellent reflective performance, at 500 degrees below the temperature, with 80% or so light reflectivity; the reflectivity of infra-red is up to 95%.

Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum in the Ion series, more than Mn, Mo, Cr, W, Cd, Fe, Zn tend to be more resistant. But because the aluminum oxide film itself has good stability, so the surface corrosion resistance, in addition to a part of environmental conditions, than galvanized steel plate excellent. In the atmosphere, because the surface of aluminized steel plate produces oxides, and the oxide itself is stable, so the aluminum layer directly exposed to the appearance or surface discoloration, but the cross-section or small pinhole of the exposed part of the iron will produce rust.

Weldability: When compared with cold-rolled steel plate, the welding condition is different. Because of the relatively soft aluminum metal, it is easy to combine, and because of strong conductivity, so the welding part of the heat than cold-rolled steel plate excellent. In addition, the coating is higher than the galvanized steel, it is not easy to flow, the melting area is small, so it is not necessary to use such a large current of galvanized steel sheet.

Processing: aluminized steel plate between the substrate and the coating, because of the existence of iron and aluminum alloy, it is generally considered to be more than cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized steel plate, such as poor processing. But on the various processing characteristics of aluminized steel plate, if can be treated according to the following method can obtain almost the same processing result as other steel plate.

Coating properties: When coating on aluminized steel plate, in order to make adhesion stable, the chemical film must be produced before treatment. Surface appearance aluminized steel plate is made of "gas wiping method" molten coating technology, and compared with the previous roll-pressing coating process, it has a lasting luster, excellent corrosion resistance and weathering resistance because of no embossing.

Green Environmental performance: aluminized sheet aluminum Plating layer is composed of aluminum, silicon and iron elements. The Japanese government under the authority of a number of testing confirmed that the chemical passivation of aluminum plating plate in line with the food hygiene law, the health of the human body is harmless, can be directly applied to food processing. The used aluminized steel plate can also be recycled completely.

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