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The difference between High Rib and Short Rib Standing Seam Roofing Panel
Sep 21, 2018

The difference between high rib and short rib standing seam roofing panel:

It is clear from the peers that the aluminum-magnesium-manganese board is mainly divided into two types: high vertical side and short vertical side (this is the same as the opening of the floor board, and the closed mouth is the same). The high vertical side and the short vertical side are only some of the industry. Called the law, its scientific name should be upright single-locking edge and upright double-locking edge, the rib height is 65mm and 25mm respectively, and the commonly used models are 400 and 430. The use of these two aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy sheets in modern buildings is also very extensive. Let's talk about the main differences between the two.

First, waterproof: In the aspect of water resistance, the high vertical aluminum magnesium manganese plate has an advantage, which is determined by the rib height, and the high vertical edge bite rain water is less likely to penetrate.

Second, the aesthetic: from the outside, the finished short aluminum aluminum-manganese plate is more beautiful than the high vertical edge.

Third, use: Under normal circumstances, the purpose of the two is the same, are used for roofing, but without special requirements, the low vertical aluminum-magnesium manganese roofing panels are used for private villas, while the high side Aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheets are used in stadiums.

Fourth, economy: In terms of price, high-rise aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheets are more expensive than short-side aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheets, mainly due to the different feed widths.

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