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The difference between rock wool color plate and glass cotton color plate
Aug 15, 2017

Rock wool color plate is based on the nature of basalt as the main material, after the high-temperature melting treatment, and then by the high speed centrifuge processing become inorganic fiber, adding special adhesives and dust-proof oil, and finally after heating curing, become a variety of rock wool plate. The use of this material is very extensive, such as metallurgy, transportation, national defense and other industries have his figure. Its main role is to heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture. He can withstand nearly 700 degrees of heat without deforming and burning.

Glass Wool Board is attached to glass fiber, is man-made material. This product is characterized by good molding, light and easy construction, is a very good noise-absorbing products, his high temperature resistance is also very good, can withstand the high temperature of 450 degrees. Generally speaking, the latter's weight is lighter, and the damage to the body is very small. The substitution of the glass wool Board for the rock Wool Board will be a big development trend. Choose a good product must be cautious, advanced equipment and staff skills proficiency is a good standard.

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