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The difference between roof slabs and slabs.
Aug 10, 2018

1, the difference in thickness position

The  floor panel is indoors, and the thickness of the floor is mostly  80-160mm. The biggest function of the floor panel is to bear the weight.  There are differences in the type and type and density of the plate  thickness and the reinforcing bar. The roof panel is  outdoor, and the thickness of the roof slab is generally 60-80mm, which  has great requirements for waterproofing and heat insulation.

2, the difference in function

The  main function of the roof slab is to form a building envelope with the  wall and floor, which can be used for thermal insulation,  weatherproofing, waterproofing and the like. The main function of the floor panel is to vertically separate the space inside the building.

3, the difference in structure bearing

From  the structural bearing, the roof panel mainly bears the load of the  panel's own weight, ceiling, leveling layer, insulation layer,  waterproof layer, snow, ash, maintenance, etc. The load composition is  mostly based on permanent load. The floor panel mainly  bears the load such as self-weight, plastering, and furniture for  residential personnel. The civil construction is mainly based on the  live load. Therefore, the proportion of live load in the slab is larger.

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