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The problems of antique color steel tile installation can be noted.
Sep 23, 2018

We can use antique color steel tiles to decorate our buildings to make our buildings have an ancient architectural beauty, but we still need to pay attention to some problems when installing antique color steel roofing.

1. Since the slope of our roof is relatively large and there are many ridges, we have done an accurate elevation control on the ridge beam, cornice, tiger window, etc. during the construction process; The starting and ending points of the water line such as the Yinjiao line, the slope angle line and the Mouth line have an accurate positioning; there is also the need to pay attention to the safety of the construction, such as the construction of scaffolding.

2. If the slope of the roof is large, we need to do strict technical preparation and safety protection for the base treatment.

3. For the arrangement of antique color steel tiles, the corners, the corners, the ends and the junctions should be treated to prevent water leakage.

4. Safety guardrails should be installed around the roof and reserved holes to prevent construction workers from falling.

All of the above are a problem we should pay attention to when installing antique color steel tiles. After paying attention to these, we can use it well.

Antique color steel tile.jpg

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