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Vertical locking seam Type metal Roofing
Aug 15, 2017

Vertical locking-Seam metal roofing system (also known as: DW-19) core composition, is based on the vertical stitching design of the special plate-shaped metal plate,

This design is mainly aimed at the large-span and self-supporting installation system.

No perforation is visible on the roof, as the support is concealed under the panel.

The roof plate is connected by using its unique aluminum alloy sliding support, and the plate is connected with the upright seam of the plate.

The occlusal process of this plate does not require manpower, and is completely automated by machinery.

The connection of the occlusal edge and the support form can be used to solve the plate stress caused by the cold expansion and contraction, which is reflected in the plate which can make the longitudinal super long size without the influence of the stress.

At the same time, the complete accessories supply of the roofing system can meet the requirements of various architectural forms.

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