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What about dry cracks in large roof slabs? What is the impact
Aug 31, 2018

What about dry cracks in large roof slabs? What is the impact?

The large roof slab is a concrete prefabricated component that is mainly used for the roof of the plant. What should I do with dry cracks on large roof panels? What is the impact?

Different cracks in large roof panels have different treatment methods. If the plaster has cracks, scrape the plaster at the cracks and scrape it again. If the structure is deformed, the crack reaches 2 cm wide and high-strength concrete is used. It is best to solve the problem by high-pressure grouting. If the crack is greater than 20mm, the brick at the crack can be removed and replaced with a new brick + high strength mortar. Our company is an old-fashioned high-quality enterprise, specializing in engineering design, production and on-site construction of various concrete prefabricated components. Have professional experience and solutions to various problems. The company's products are mainly distributed in Anhui, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai and other regions.

What about dry cracks in large roof slabs? I can solve it very well. The company has advanced laboratories, as well as professional technical experts and engineers, constantly carrying out technological innovation and creation.

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