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What are the features of roof panels
Oct 14, 2017

What are the features of roof panels?

No connection port, no screw hole, complete appearance of the building

It can be made into inner arc and outer arc

Choose different materials and colors

Integral structural waterproof and drainage function

And can be used as small as 1.5 degrees slope roof

- excellent wind resistance (with the master), especially in typhoon and storm areas

It can eliminate the pressure caused by thermal expansion and contraction

Simple and fast machine winding, convenient construction and economy

Easy to lay heat insulation sound absorption layer

- no need chemical sealing glue, eliminating pollution and aging problems

No maintenance of the roof

It can be produced on site

80-400/420 vertical vertical double seam, roof panel and the fixed seat with 360 double fold occlusal plate, side is a vertical folding sealed seam, the vertical seam and the fixed seat completely occluded, forming a continuous weathering roof, make water basically had no chance to enter the building. The design of the fixed seat takes into account the influence of thermal displacement, so that the plate can produce relative displacement in the length direction and eliminate the stress generated by the expansion of the roof

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