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What are the fire prevention measures for color steel sandwich panels?
Oct 13, 2018

As one of the building materials, Caigang tile has been used more and more in recent years. When we use the color steel tile to build the building, we need to do its fire prevention work, especially like the color steel sandwich panel. If you do not do these fire prevention measures, there will be great losses in the event of a fire. Let's take a look at the fire prevention measures for color steel sandwich panels. I hope everyone can understand.

What are the fire prevention measures for color steel sandwich panels?

Color steel plate can be fireproofed from six aspects: First, rock wool with good fire performance is used as the core material, which is the solution to the problem. Second, in the construction process, the core material should be kept away from open flames such as electric welding and gas welding. Third, in the process of use, some heat sources, fire sources should not be close to the steel plate, to maintain a certain distance. If you want to set up the kitchen in the color steel plate room, you need to have a temperature insulation layer, and the wall should be equipped with fireproof rock wool insulation layer. Fourth, it is best not to traverse the wires and cables from the core material. If it is necessary to pass through the protective casing, the socket and switch box should be made of metal galvanized box and the surface mounting method should be adopted. Fifth, indoor and outdoor equipped with simple fire-fighting equipment, if necessary, a fire alarm should be installed to facilitate the rapid evacuation of personnel. Sixth, a minimum safety distance of 6 meters should be maintained between the color steel plates. The color filler room filler material that is not strictly flame-retarded is flammable but does not self-ignite. Strict, scientific and effective management, keeping the fire away from the flammable color steel plate room sandwich filling material is one of the important ways to prevent the fire in the color steel plate house.

From the simple introduction above, we know how to do the fire protection work of color steel sandwich panels, but we don't think that we can do these fire prevention work, our color steel sandwich panels can be used safely. Not necessarily, so we must always improve our safety awareness and fully do these safety protection work. Only in this way can we ensure the safe use of color steel sandwich panels, which is also the safety guarantee for our entire project.

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