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What are the materials of the roof panel
Oct 14, 2017

What are the materials of the roof panel?

The roof panel wall and imported AA3004 series aluminum magnesium manganese alloy coil production structure special roof; it can also according to the particularity of the project with aluminium magnesium manganese alloy 3004, stainless steel 304 / 316, copper or titanium special building. The roofing system made of special aluminium alloy has the same service life as that of the building body. [British standard BS5427:1976].

Color coating

The Al Mg Mn alloy coil can be matched with the other America or Australia import building special PVDF / PVF2 two polyvinylidene fluoride / fluorocarbon resin coating paint system used in industrial and civil buildings, painted life can reach 15-20 years depending on the environmental conditions of the atmosphere.

Other aluminum alloys

*3005 and 3105 are also common roofing and exterior wall materials in Europe and the United states.

* with the requirements of marine climate, aluminum and magnesium alloys 5005 and 5052 with better corrosion resistance can be prepared.

* 3004 H44 Al Mg Mn alloy is a kind of aluminum alloy. H44 is the layer and the annealing state.

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