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What are the problems to be aware of when building roof panels?
Jul 28, 2018

What are the problems to be aware of when building roof panels?

The roof panel is made of cement, cinder, etc., and the modifier is processed into a plaque-like insulation material after being processed by a foaming process. The fireproof engineering must strictly examine the materials. The performance of the materials must not only conform to the current national standards, but also meet the design requirements and construction specifications.

The roof fireproof insulation board should be complete in appearance, the thickness should meet the requirements, and the strength and density should be tested.

Before the construction of the insulation layer, the roof waterproof layer should have been completed and accepted to ensure that there is no leakage and accumulation of water in the water storage test; the base layer should be cleaned and leveled, the slope should be correct, and the insulation board should be embedded between the upper and lower layers according to the construction specifications. Firmly ensure the seal; the seam is filled with extruded strips, and fixed with tape paper; the partition is sealed with a sealing paste, and the filling must be firm to prevent cracking and falling off.

It should also be noted that the roofing fireproof insulation board should be selected for good weather. The insulation layer just after construction can not be left and placed on the material; after the completion of the laying, the mortar should be smeared and leveled in time to avoid the insulation layer being wet or infiltrated. Water, which will affect the construction quality; after the completion of the construction, it must be accepted by the supervision unit before it can be delivered for use.

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