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What is Open Mouth Steel Deck and its usage?
Sep 15, 2018

The open mouth steel deck is a special equipment specially designed for the construction industry with less investment, quick effect, convenient material selection and wide application. Moreover, the layout of the open floor panel is simple, generous, eye-catching, novel and novel, and the market demand is huge. Due to the busy expansion of the opening floor, the color tile machine industry has many extensive management enterprises. Therefore, when enterprises face economic crisis, refined management becomes inevitable. Therefore, we need to reduce inventory through various means, organize production according to orders or accurate market demand; re-examine the market faced by enterprises. Enterprises that originally adopted the high-end brand development model should appropriately increase the export business of the middle opening floor. The tremendous contribution of national economic growth cannot be underestimated, but now China’s exports are seriously hampered and the real estate industry has fallen into a low embarrassment. As a developing country, China's national economic situation has continued to improve in recent years, creating favorable conditions for the development of the color tile machine industry.

The open mouth metal deck is relative to the formwork:

1. Can be used as a permanent support for structural strength, and the ordinary template should be dismantled;

2. Convenient to lay steel bars, install pipes and lines;

3. It can save the cost of raw materials, save the steel bars, and save at least 1/3 of the concrete in the place where the floor of the open floor is concave and convex;

4. Light weight, high strength, and good performance in earthquake resistance;

5. The construction is simple and convenient, directly placed on the steel beam, fixed by bolts, and can be used as a construction platform. 2-4 people can install 500-700 square meters a day.

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