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What is the difference between roof and rafter
Mar 04, 2018

Commonly used in the past the construction of wooden structures, load-bearing system by the wooden columns, wooden truss, wooden purlins (mounted on both sides of the wooden frame or side gable) commonly known as razor clam, wooden rafters (carried in between two razor strips) commonly known as rafters, Wooden rafters on the nail panels, waterproof board (linoleum, tile). At this time the wooden panel known as the "board."

     Where set on the roof, the roof room and the top of the outdoor space isolated building components can be called roof panels, including reinforced concrete panels, color steel panels, wooden panels are all roof panels.

     Nowadays, wooden purlins are less and less used, while steel purlins and reinforced concrete purlins are used more and more, and truss-type steel purlins are sometimes used among steel roof truss. No matter what material, designers are based on the structure of the force and cost comparison of the economy to determine.

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