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Which wall plate should be installed first?
Jun 29, 2018

The conventional order is to go up and down first, that is, the top and back walls. 1. Due to the long roof panels, it is required to press within the specified span to facilitate installation. The installation of the wall panel is started after the roof panel has been installed for some time. Press plate installation is carried out according to the relevant construction regulations. The roof panels are laid according to the prevailing wind direction in adverse years.

 2. Before the roof panel is installed, the straightness of the roof beam and purlin shall be strictly inspected. After the inspection is completed, the vertical and horizontal control points (one for each pillar) shall be set up on the roof to form a control network. 

3. When the roof panel is installed, a springboard should be set up. Firstly, a control line should be set every 6m. Firstly, the reference line perpendicular to the purlin shall be drawn. The base line shall be used as the mounting bracket, and the side bracket shall be used for mounting and fixing. The bracket and the fixed bracket are welded on the roof purlin. The distance between the center of the fixed bracket and the center of the top of the edge bracket should be accurate. Each 600mm control line is drawn. When installing the first pressure plate, the plate should be handled with care. The construction staff must not wear hard shoes and strictly control the straightness and starting position of the roof plate. When the second and subsequent press plates are installed, the plate-to-plate overlap uses an automatic crimping machine to bite the roof plate interface to make it overlap seamlessly and center-aligned. The roof panels shall be installed with headboards, baffles, etc. as required to facilitate the installation of bread horns and flooding of the houses to ensure the installation quality of the roof panels. Plates laid on the day must be fixed on the same day. 

4. During the installation of the gutter, control points must be given on the wall purlins to control the horizontal straightness and elevation deviation of the gutter installation. 

5. Before installing the wall panel, the installation quality of the purlins and other wall structures shall be strictly inspected. It shall be installed only after it is qualified. 

6. Before installing the first wall surface pressure plate, hang a vertical reference to the ground at the highest point of the wall. Line, then pull a horizontal line parallel to the ground at the bottom of the profile plate, and fix the profile plate to the wall covering girder according to the horizontal and vertical reference lines, and so on until the last pressure plate is installed. 

7. When the wall surface pressure plate is installed, the joint must be tight, and the fastening bolts used for the connection must be uniform and arranged neatly.

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