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Wood grain colored steel sheet
Sep 06, 2018

Wood grain colored steel sheet

Wood grain colored steel sheet is one of the color coated plates which has been widely used in decoration furniture and other fields in recent years because of its superior surface lines steel instead of wood reducing costs and environmental protection.

Product Features:
No discoloration, no lacquer, fireproof, corrosion resistant and environmentally friendly.
Product Usage:
The wooden pattern is suitable for the production and processing of construction, decoration, home appliances, furniture, roof, wall panels and various doors.
Product inspection standard:
1. No obvious pores, bubbles, heaps and wrinkles are allowed.
2. Do not allow pitting, impurities, scratches, dirt and uneven coating film on the surface.
3. Severe leakage coating, coating peeling, color mixing and adhesion are not allowed. The coating is not allowed to be brittle and yellow due to excessive baking, and the light is lost.
4. No obvious chromatic aberration or uneven gloss is allowed.

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