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Application Materials Of Titanium And Zinc Roof
Dec 28, 2017

Safety investment: a lot of engineering cases in the years of titanium zinc roof panel system show that corrosion resistant paint metal materials endow the building with outstanding stability and maintenance free advantages. The innumerable products of the titanium and zinc roof panel system continue to prove that the Ti zine roof panel system has the value of increasing the building.

Complete system: a good system for roofing and curtain walls, which should provide good economic design and application. Titanium zinc roof panel systems provide attachment support, complete closing plate, U groove cornice, closing plate, titanium tube zinc roof panel clamp mouth, various accessories can be used with the same material, color plate material.

Anti noise titanium zinc roof sound: titanium zinc roof titanium zinc roof panel system has been widely used in many buildings. In fact, even in stormy weather, it is hard to hear noise. The test shows that under the same conditions, the internal noise of tile roof and titanium roof panel system under the same conditions is only 2-3 dB, compared with the actual auditory effect, 3 dB is the difference between human ears.