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Characteristics Of Aluminum Magnesium Plate
Dec 28, 2017

1. light weight; the density of aluminum is 2.73g/cm3, only 1/3 of steel.

2. strength is high; high strength can be achieved through the method of composition, processing and heat treatment.

3. corrosion resistance; with the ability of self anti rust, the formation of oxidation layer, can prevent the corrosion of metal oxidation, acid and alkaline good.

4. the surface treatment is diverse and beautiful. It can be anodized, electrophoretic, chemical treatment, polishing and paint processing.

5. can be plastic and easy to be processed.

6. good electrical conductivity. Non magnetization and low EDM sensitivity can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce flammability in special environment.

7. installation is convenient; aluminum metal can be connected in a variety of ways, such as riveting, welding, adhesive and so on.

8. environmental protection, 100% recyclable recycling.

Type editing

A, original color Stucco (irregular press lines), Emboss (rule Press)

The main purpose of the hammer is:

1. Increase the stiffness of aluminum magnesium manganese plate.

2, to prevent light pollution;

3, more uniform oxidation;

B, lacquer coating (PVDF, PVF2, PE)

Roofing and exterior walls are usually made of aluminum magnesium manganese alloy by pre roll coating (Coil Coated) process. It has many advantages such as good color difference control, uniform paint film, high quality stability, environmental protection and so on.

General selection of fluorocarbon coating type PVDF fluorocarbon paint resin more than 70% times, Ansett company can provide include: RAL, NCS, PANTONE, the international color for the user, can be prepared according to the customer needs any color.