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Characteristics Of Polyurethane Sandwich Panels
Aug 15, 2017

Polyurethane sandwich panels have the following characteristics:

1 thermal conductivity low polyurethane sandwich plate composite plate with small thermal conductivity, good insulation performance, is the best insulation material at present.

2 The board type is beautiful, installs conveniently

3) Polyurethane sandwich panel fire resistance is good

4 Polyurethane sandwich panel non-toxic and tasteless

5 wide range of use temperature

6 Waterproof, damp-proof

Polyurethane sandwich panel appearance, the overall effect is good, it set load-bearing, insulation, fire, waterproof in one, and no need two times to decorate, install fast and convenient, short construction period, comprehensive benefit, good cost-effective advantage, is a widely used, highly potential energy-efficient building envelope materials, is also advocated and promoted by the Ministry of Construction of a new energy-saving board.


Anti-leakage Sandwich roofing board, polyurethane rigid foam insulation board, polyurethane composite board, PU board, is the popular version of Polyurethane sandwich plate, strictly speaking, should be building polyurethane insulated sandwich board, in line with the national standard is GB/T 23932-2009, the old standard is jc/t868-2000.


The product is the polyurethane rigid foam as the insulating layer of bimetal, single metal surface, non-metallic surface composite plate, usually used in industrial plants, logistics warehousing, integrated housing wall, Roof enclosure system.


The bonding strength of polyurethane sandwich plate is not less than 0.09MPa, the core plate combustion performance reached B1 level, bending bearing capacity of the sandwich plate deflection of lo/200 (Lo is the distance between the support), the core plate bending bearing capacity is not less than 0.5kn/m2. The effective width of the plate is usually 1000mm and the length can be customized.