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Construction Method Of Color Plate Roofing Installation (ii.)
Aug 15, 2017

Color plate laying and fixing:

Color plate laying order, in principle, from the top down, from the perennial wind tail direction.

A roofing

1, to the gable side to do the starting point, from left and right (or with the right and left) in order to lay.

2, the first piece of the board after placement, along the edge of the plate drawing, each piece of the alignment, at any time to check the deviation.

3, the laying surface with the tapping screws, along each plate rib center fixed on the diffraction strip.

B, the receiving side

1, roofing (including awning) receiving side material lap, must be fixed with aluminum nail and waterproof glue water.

2, Roof edge plate tapping screws head and aluminum pull nail head, should be to stop water glue to prevent.

3, roof cover plate and eaves mouth pan water (including gutter), should be paved Seishan type foam PE sealing strip.

4, the Edge plate construction fixed mode, according to its site measurement needs to make changes, to confirm after the system to do the map.

C, the construction principle and the self tapping screw construction method is the same, only the plate fixed mode changes (in the fixed seat), its fixed method:

1, the first row of the first fixed seat, with the self tapping screws fixed to the left side of Purlin, and then in purlin ink do baseline, and then fixed row fixed seat.

2, the first piece of the rib plate to the fixed seat of the rib plate, press the card into check whether the buckle is correct.

3, the fixed seat short arm buckle on the first piece of the panel has been paved ribs, according to the above method of construction, and adjust the flat.

4, in accordance with the above-mentioned order, the last remaining in the castle is less than half the width of the plate, only with fixed seat short arm fixed plate, the rest of the space to the pan-water head.

5, if the last remaining space is greater than half the width of the plate, the fixed seat fixed plate, it is beyond the part of the CD.

D. Cleaning and waste disposal

1, the laying of steel plate area, iron work and fixing screws, the resulting metal shavings should be cleaned before the day.

2, daily before the end of the day, the roof, the ground, the gutter debris (such as PVC cloth, steel belt, etc.) clean up.

3, the construction of the remaining waste, should be sent daily to tidy up the centralized stacking.

4. All remaining scrap must be cleaned and abandoned before completion.

5, after completion should check the color plate surface, its contaminated parts should be clean.

E. Considerations

1, color plate cutting, the appearance should be facing down, in order to avoid cutting the resulting filings affixed to the surface of the film, resulting in surface dust gasification.

2, the construction staff in the roof walking, along the drainage direction should tread in the plate valley, along the direction of Purlin should tread on purlin, and must wear soft flat shoes.

3, the roof must do longitudinal (row vertical) lap, the overlap length should be above 15 centimeters, the water-stop glue according to the design chart to apply, its lap position should be in the position of the stripe (the wall overlap length should be above 10 centimeters, use in the Yan strip).

4. Self-tapping screws are fixed on the rib plate, and the SAG is based on the principle of the bottom of the tapping screw and the center of the rib plate, and ±1.5mm qualified, its too tight part should be added water glue waterproof, its too loose part should be again locked tight.

5, the daily call, should be retained roof truss, the floor of the color plate material with nylon rope or hemp rope whipped tied firmly.

6, the tapping screws must be vertical support surface, forced to tighten the washer must be complete.