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Construction Method Of Color Steel Roofing Installation (I.)
Aug 15, 2017

1. Material entry

(1) Material entry, manufacturers should attach the original factory material inspection certificate.

(2) test the specifications, dimensions and thickness of the forming wave board and Purlin.

(3) Testing all kinds of material, size, thickness.

(4) Inspection parts (from tapping screws, gaskets, water glue, etc.).

(5) Color steel wave plate should not have the appearance of drag and tear, color spots, surface film wear, distortion, pollution, color, angle and other phenomena.

(6) When materials enter, should be stacked in the designated area of party A, at the same time party B is responsible for the safety measures of the material, the material should be properly packaged to avoid damage.

2. Lifting and transporting

(1) Before the material enters the designated place, must batch, the classification separately puts, cannot use immediately when should be stacked neatly and the canvas or the blanket covers.

(2) Ground stacking materials, in order to maintain the drying must be laid sleepers (sleepers 6 centimeters above), the material must not touch the ground, the sleepers should not be greater than 3 meters.

(3) material hanging to the roof truss, should be tied with steel straps tight.

3, materials hanging roof truss construction points:

(1) The roof truss of the steel plate should be set before the plate is suspended to prevent the plate from slipping.

(2) When the material is hoisted to the roof truss, the vertical strap of the colored steel plate on the hanger rod shall not be greater than 6 meters, and the ends shall be provided with a diagonal strap to prevent slipping. (The weight of each bundle shall not be greater than 2 tonnes).

(3) Maintain a smooth and slow lifting, crane operation within the scope, not the hoisting personnel should not be near.

(4) During the hoisting process, the vertical belt of the color steel plate should be lowered and then lifted again after being loosened.

(5) The color steel plate slowly descend, wait for the Crane personnel control position (eaves orifice baffle), drop down sequentially.

(6) After the material is hoisted to the roof truss, all the skin ribs shall be facing up and the plate face should be in the same direction (easy to install, except for the rib buckle), and the nylon rope shall be fixed on the steel main frame (not in the center of the Section).

4, Purlin installation:

Leveling: Before the installation of Purlin support to detect and leveling, the purlin by Root to review its flatness, the installation of the height difference between the Purlin control within the ±5mm range.

Bullet Line: Purlin support points should be in accordance with the design requirements of the supporting points fixed, the application line for this support point, after purlin installation positioning, according to Purlin layout plan acceptance.

Fixed: welding or bolt fixed according to design requirements, adjust position again before fixing, deviation ≤±5mm.

Acceptance: Purlin after installation by the project technical responsibility to notify the quality or supervision engineer acceptance, confirmed qualified and transferred to the next procedure.