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How To Avoid Cracks In Lightweight Roof Panels
Aug 31, 2018

How to avoid cracks in lightweight roof panels

Lightweight roofing panels have been loved and promoted by many engineers because of their thermal insulation, shockproof, high flame retardant and moisture-proof. However, cracks often occur during construction. We have already shared with you in the previous articles. Why do cracks appear on light roof panels, and today we recommend measures to avoid cracks.

1. Production of lightweight roof panels

For light roofing panel manufacturers, more advanced anti-crack automatic backlog equipment should be adopted to strictly control the production cycle. Light-weight roofing panels do not reach the appropriate quality and will not be sold out. When producing lightweight roofing panels, try not to use waste engine oil as a release agent.

2. Installation of lightweight roof panels

In the installation of lightweight roof panels, professional polymer cement mortar should be used to frame the wall panels. During the daily installation process, the gaps of 3-5 meters are temporarily not treated, so that the free shrinkage period of 6-9, After it has contracted naturally, it is filled with mortar.

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