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How To Distinguish The Hinge Quality?
Feb 15, 2018

Most consumers in the choose and buy the furniture such as ambry, basically see the style and color of ambry, furniture hinge as necessary hardware, cabinet put oneself in another's position and door plank of hinge quality stand or fall not only directly affect the degree of smooth degree and airtight cupboard door closed, and comfort, quality and life of the furniture use plays a decisive role, so how to identify the quality of the hinge? The following is a great way to share with you.

1. Appearance: high quality hinge, high quality material, one punching and forming, and surface coating thickness, not easy to rust, durable. Poor quality hinge electroplating layer is thinner, the appearance is easy to have yellow or black uneven color block, easy to rust and oxidize.

Two, the pull: the hinge that the quality is too hard to open the cupboard door, the force path is downy, close to a certain degree automatic rebound, realize close quiet soft.

Third, by the touch: the high quality hinge surface touches smooth, the texture is exquisite and thick, does not scratch the hand. The inferior hinge is rough on the surface, poor texture, and the phenomenon of scraping.