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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Foaming Adhesive?
Feb 11, 2018

Foam gap filling agent, also called foam rubber, is a kind of elastic seal moisture curing polyurethane foam material, after curing with caulking, bonding, sealing, heat insulation, sound-absorbing effect, is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving, easy to use, building materials, is suitable for sealing leak, fills up the seams, fixed bonding, heat preservation and sound insulation, especially suitable for plastic or aluminum alloy doors and Windows and wall body between the seal and waterproof. So how to distinguish the quality of foaming glue?

A, colloid contractionary: inferior foamed plastic shrinkage resistance small or do not have shrinkage resistance, ends after curing radian big cock, foam rubber surface severe contraction, not only cannot have the effect of sound insulation moistureproof, can squeeze more bad doors and Windows, affect the construction. It has high expansion rate, good weatherability, no shrinkage, good sound insulation and sealing performance.

Second, the elasticity of the foam: the poor quality foaming gel is not elastic after curing, the fingers are pressed hard and hard, and it is brittle and can not adapt well to the construction displacement. After curing, the foaming agent of weiming has a strong elasticity, full and round foaming, with hand extruded foaming glue block, good dimensional stability and good adaptability to construction displacement.

3. The structure of bubble hole: the low quality foaming foam hole is large, the density is different, and the bubble hole appears to collapse, which seriously affects the function of foam insulation insulation. It is a good way to satisfy people's demand for sound insulation, moisture-proof seal and so on.