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How To Keep Your Wood Floor Shining?
Jan 06, 2018

Now, there are more and more people who decorate wood floors at home. As we all know, after a period of use, the floor often does not shine like the new ones. So what should we do to keep the floor as long as new?

Whether it's solid wood flooring or composite floor, waxing the floor on the floor is a good idea. But what are the ideas when we waxing it?

1, the waxing of wood flooring must keep the floor dry before the floor. If the floor has moisture or moisture, it will not only fail to protect, but also destroy the floor. The floor wax is the floor that closes the floor and is isolated from the outside world. And if there is water before the floor, the wax is easy to lock the floor water inside, making the floor more easily deformed.

2, when waxing the floor, it is necessary to choose the right weather. Clear weather is beneficial to the repair of the floor after waxing, and it can also play a better role in maintenance.

3, after waxing, it can't touch the floor with heavy objects or sharp objects, so it can't play the role of wax protection, and it will also affect the life of the floor and cause the floor deformation.