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Lightning Protection Characteristics Of Titanium And Zinc Roof
Dec 28, 2017

Lightning protection characteristics: 

the roof system and the structure of the whole lightning protection system are closely connected, fully relieving the problems of lightning damage and electrostatic retention. The metal plate of the titanium and zinc roof panel is a good material for the external maintenance system of the building, and the titanium and zinc roof panels are all good conductors. The monolithic plate of single titanium zinc roof panel not only provides water tightness, but also is a good conductor, even though it has overlapping parts, it still does not affect its lightning protection performance. The actual construction method is: a ground hidden roof panel longitudinal, titanium and zinc in metal roof roof panel transverse every 6-10 meters under the ground in titanium zinc roof panel mounting bracket, a head fixed on the purlin, the other end is fixed in the T type titanium zinc roof panel code support. Fixed in the purlin grounding can be connected to other units of construction of lightning protection system.

Suitable roof panel materials: titanium zinc alloy plate, titanium zinc plate plate;

Suitable titanium zine roof panel material thickness: 0.6mm-1.0mm

Roof height: 65mm

Roof margin: 300-400mm