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Problems To Be Noted In Roofing Works.
Jul 08, 2018

In order to ensure the waterproofness, durability and puncture resistance of the waterproof layer of the coating film, in addition to the performance requirements of the waterproof coating, the thickness of the waterproof layer of the coating film should also be clearly required. In the roofing project, the polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating, the synthetic polymer waterproof coating and the polymer cement waterproof coating are mainly used. To achieve the coating thickness specified by the design, it is necessary to use the multi-pass painting construction process, and the regulations should be calculated in advance. The amount of waterproof material used, and measures to control the uniformity of the film thickness. Film waterproof roof design. The film should be expressed in the thickness of a waterproof layer (including carcass reinforcement) and should not be expressed in terms of the number of passes.

In the roof panel construction design, the function of the barrier layer is to level, isolate, and eliminate the adhesion between the waterproof layer and the base layer and the mechanical bite force.

A rigid protective layer such as cement mortar, bulk material, fine stone concrete is disposed on the waterproof layer of the coiled material and the coating film, and a separation layer is disposed between the rigid protective layer and the waterproof layer to completely isolate the surface and ensure the expansion and contraction of the rigid protective layer. Deformation without damaging the waterproof layer. Due to temperature difference, dry shrinkage, load and other factors, the structural layer is deformed and cracked, resulting in cracks in the rigid waterproof layer. An isolation layer is disposed between the rigid waterproof layer and the base layer, so that the rigid waterproof layer can be freely stretched, and the adverse effect of the structural deformation on the waterproof layer is reduced. Although the compensation shrinkage concrete waterproof layer has certain crack resistance, it is better to provide a separation layer.