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Stone Roofing Waterproof Treatment ONE
Aug 15, 2017

1, the ground to the floor drain direction to find the slope, cement mortar or bean stone concrete, but the surface to be flat. Near the door slope small, floor drain near the slope large, according to the specific situation master.

2, the pipeline through the root of the floor, strengthen waterproof. Pipe root Building sealing paste strict, cement wipe smooth feet, brush waterproof coating when the glass cloth to strengthen the layer. Same measure near floor drain.

3, the wall surface treatment clean plain no floating, small particles, the wall ground junction to wipe small fillet or slope angle. When the paint is waterproof, the glass cloth is attached to the layer.

4, waterproof materials are recommended to use cement base, generally each brush again. root, corner to strengthen the first brush, room temperature 4h table dry, and then a large area brushing, no leakage brush, bubbling phenomenon. Large area brushing 24h after curing and brushing the next layer.

5, the first brushing the façade after brushing the plane, the next time brushing the direction with the previous vertical.

6, the ground waterproof layer should be brushing out of the bathroom outside the door 300 wide, the door position in advance with cement mortar to do a high ground about 20mm of small hom, this ridge can prevent the future surface of the water to the living room direction infiltration. Four weeks of wall surface waterproof layer height is not less than 300mm, there is shower bathroom wall waterproof layer should be higher than the ground 1800mm.

7, waterproof after doing, need to do closed water test, the time is generally 24 hours.