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Stone Roofing Waterproof Treatment TWO
Aug 15, 2017

1, roofing Practices: cast-in-place Housing panel-thick 1:3 cement mortar leveling Layer-cold Foundation oil a three-felt four-oil waterproof layer--mung bean sand protection

2, Roofing waterproofing works should be carried out before the construction of the grassroots inspection and clean-up, found weak links first reinforcement, after the inspection qualified to carry out the above waterproof layer construction.

3, in the construction of roofing waterproof roll material layer must ensure the drying or will affect the waterproof effect, the test method of drying degree: is the 1m2 roll material flat on leveling layer, static 3-4 hours after the open inspection, leveling layer covering and roll material on the No water traces can be laid coil. Here mainly elaborated the waterproofing roll material construction.

4, waterproof roll material before the construction, first should be equipped with asphalt, according to the day of the workload preparation, strictly measured by scales.

5, waterproof membrane paving the construction points:

(1) The construction of coiled material waterproof layer shall be carried out after completion of masonry, installation equipment and piping.

(2) When paving the high and low span of housing, should be based on the first higher after the lower, the first far after the close order.

(3) in a single cross overlay, should first be paved with drainage more concentrated parts (such as water mouth, eaves, oblique ditch, gutter, etc.), according to the elevation from low to high, the slope surface and the façade of the roll material should be from the next start to the top, so that the roll material in accordance with the direction of water.

(4) When the roll material is parallel to the roof, long side lap is not less than 70mm, short edge is not less than 150mm, adjacent to two rolls of short side lap joint should be staggered not less than 500mm, in order to ensure that the width of the rolling material lap and paving straight, paving the coil should be ejected when the marking.

(5) Over 25% of the slope of the arched roof and skylight on the slope surface, should try to avoid short side lap.

(6) Before the roll, leveling layer should be dry, the General field test method: From dusk to the next morning or in the sunny about 1-2H, blanket 1m2 coil material, such as the inside of the coil without condensation when the leveling layer has been basically dry.