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The Difference Between Parquet And Laminate Flooring
Aug 15, 2017

Parquet and laminate flooring are flooring decoration materials, they are the difference between the use of raw materials are not the same, the appearance is no different. Parquet is a solid wood flooring for health products, it is made of different species of plate staggered laminated, with good dimensional stability, and retained the natural wood flooring and comfortable feet sense. Solid wood laminate flooring with enhanced stability of the floor and solid wood flooring aesthetics, but also has environmental advantages.

Reinforced composite flooring is referred to as laminate flooring or composite flooring, which is composed of wear-resisting layer, decorative layer, grass-roots, balance layer. The main advantage is wear-resisting. Although the laminate flooring does not have a natural texture, but now enhanced composite flooring production and processing process who is very high, can be computer simulation of a variety of wood patterns and designs, colors; the stability of the laminate flooring is very strong, especially for the room in the warm system. Solid wood composite flooring is more suitable for warming floors, laminate flooring can also withstand high temperature price is relatively cheap.