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The Difference Between Steel Coil And Strip
May 14, 2018

The difference between steel coil and strip

Strips and coils are the main raw materials for the production of welded steel pipes. For pipe manufacturing, they mainly look at the pipe-making process. For spiral welded pipes, coils are used for uncoiling, leveling, trimming, forming, and welding. For straight seam welded pipes, they must be used. Plates are formed and welded. If coils are used, they must also be uncoiled and leveled and cut into individual sheets. Coiled steel generally refers to steel strips with a width of not less than 600 mm. Generally, steel strips can be cut flat and divided into steel strips or slitting strips. Standards are generally put together with steel strips, such as carbon structural steels and low alloy structural steels and steels. Strip width is generally less than 600 mm.

The coiled board is a thin steel sheet with a thickness of not more than 6 mm, usually less than 3 mm, but due to its wide width, it is rolled with a large rolling mill. The width of the coiled steel strip is not more than 0.2 meters; the rolling mill used is small, of course, when the same material is of the same thickness, the price of the coiled sheet is also more expensive than the strip steel.

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