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Tips On How To Inspect Your Roof Without A Ladder
Jan 13, 2018

Warning Signs to look for include:

For homes with asphalt shingles, look for black areas indicating cracking shingles.

For homes with shake or shingles, look for pieces that are curled upward, split, broken off or missing.

For homes with slate roofs, look for black areas that indicate slate is missing.

Look for heavy wear round the valleys, the place where water runs off the roof into the gutters.

Look at the materials around the chimney, and vent pipes and check for cracks, gaps and missing or fractured caulking.

Check eaves overhangs for water damage.

Use binoculars to check around the chimney, trim and other flashings for signs of cracks, shingles that are coming off the roof and general wear.

Conduct an interior inspection of stained or discolored ceilings, which likely indicate roof problems.

Most metal roofing is installed directly over the existing roof, reducing installation time, cost and clean up.