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What Are The Specifications Of Roofing Tiles
Aug 15, 2017

Tile materials and forms are numerous, has the clay small green tile, the British red Tile, the Weiner steel tile, the bitumen tile, the glazed tile, the Tongwa, the clay flat tile, the metal plate, the metal sandwich board and so on. So there are many kinds of tile roofing, there are flat tile roofing, green tile roofing, Tongwa roofing, slate tile roofing, Shishi roofing, FRP corrugated tile roofing, linoleum roofing, thin steel sheet tile roofing, metal pressure type sandwich board roofing, etc. Some are limited to regional use, and some have been replaced by new forms, which are commonly used in Weiner steel shingles, British red tiles and asphalt shingles, and other roofing tiles have a low relative utilization rate of 3.

Weiner Steel Tile: Beautiful, long life, convenient construction, but the material cost is high, the labor cost is low, the high-grade construction uses.

Asphalt tile: Beautiful general, short life, construction trouble, but the material cost is low, the labor cost is high, low-grade construction uses.

English red tile: Construction trouble, easy to fall off, long life, but the material cost is low, the labor cost is high, the high-grade construction uses.