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What Is The Difference Between A Carpenter (a Large Core) And A Sandwich Board? Are They Two Appellations Of A Material?
Jan 27, 2018

What is the difference between a carpenter (a large core) and a sandwich board? Are they two appellations of a material?

The big core board and the sandwich board are actually two kinds of Appellations of a kind of plate. It is called the woodworking board. When you choose a wardrobe, you must choose a carpenter board, and do not choose a hand.

The big core board is the common name of the carpenter board, also called the woodworking board, it is a plywood with solid wood core. It cuts the logs into strips, stitching into the core, and processing the external veneer. Its vertical (core plate direction differentiation) is poor in bending strength, but the transverse bending strength is high. According to the material can be divided into three layers of plywood, plywood and so on, as the tree species can be divided into lauan, beech, teak etc.. The panel surface quality good smooth, not easy warpage, and according to the situation of the surface sanding plate is divided into a light and two types of plate is smooth on both sides, can be used as a furniture panel is smooth on both sides, sets of doors and windows and other key parts of the decoration material box.

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