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What Is The Structure Of The Roof Panel
Oct 14, 2017

What is the structure of the roof panel?

The roof panel for roll sealing type joint design, with roof panel production and design of equal length site, installation and construction after the roof without connection, nor any screws exposed, in addition to ensure the integrity of the building roof appearance, with excellent waterproof, waterproof, anti snow function.

The plate design is 25/32/38/65mm rib, flat surface, 65mm rib height plate, 5mm rib ribs in the middle of the panel, with high efficiency drainage section, effectively solve the low slope roof (> 1.5 degrees ~3 degrees) seeper, drainage distress.

The plate design of 65-420R and 75-400R specially strengthens the reinforcing ribs on the surface to increase the structural strength and provide stronger line texture for the architectural appearance. The 65-300/400/500 type design more supple plastic, can fit inside and outside the arc shape and plate design of architectural design; 75-380/480 retains plasticity, especially high rib groove to 75mm, equipped with a double bottom plate type composite roof system, more suitable for the typhoon rainy regions.

The 25/430 plate is closed and closed, and has been used all over the world!

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