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What's The Sandwich Board?
Jan 27, 2018

What's the sandwich board?

The sandwich panel is made up of two layers of formed metal panels (or other material panels) and a polymer insulation core directly heated in the middle of the panel, which is easy to install, light and efficient. The filling system also uses the molecular structure of the bubble, which can prevent the condensation of water vapor. The sandwich plate is a common product in the current building materials, which is not only good in flame retardant and sound insulation but also in environmental protection and high efficiency.

The current classification of sandwich plates: EPS sandwich panel EPS sandwich panel (currently on the market, the most widely used varieties); HKF: XPS sandwich plate; rigid polyurethane sandwich panel PU sandwich panel; three polyester sandwich PIR sandwich plate; phenolic sandwich plate PF rockwool sandwich panel; in the RW sandwich board.

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